Saturday, December 15, 2007

Arcata to Eureka Trail, Open!

At the south end of G st in the Arcata Marsh, dozens of people showed up with cutting tools, which varied from hand pruners to motorized brush cutters. Near the Eureka end, one guy carried what appeared to be a can of gasoline. And voila!--in a few hours we had a rough trail cleared down the center of the old railroad tracks from Arcata all the way to Eureka. The story made the front page of today's Eureka Times Standard.

To celebrate, one of the volunteers rode off down the center of the tracks on a mountain bike. I wouldn't attempt it on a road bike...yet.

What the politicians couldn't accomplish after years of meetings and "studies," a few dozen determined volunteers did in a single afternoon.

It's walkable now. We need a surface--like asphalt--to ride it.

Addendum: According to The Eureka Times Standard, some work remains to be done before the whole of the trail will be open. I didn't walk all of it yesterday, but I didn't see much brush standing when I left. The only way to find out what work, if any, still needs to be done will be to put the trail to use.

Stay tuned.