Friday, August 15, 2008

Letter to Supervisor Lovelace


Dear Mr. Lovelace,

Based on your straightforward support for a Eureka--Arcata bike trail along the abandoned railroad tracks, you had my support in the recent election. In fact, I put up one of your campaign posters on my property.

I'm discouraged to see another round of bureaucratic foot dragging on this issue. More studies, more meetings. No trail. How many more decades of meetings and studies can we stand?

I'd like to help make our trail happen. I can't contribute money, but I do have some time to put into it. Please let me know how I can work with you on this essential project.

I've discussed this issue several times on THE SOCIAL BIKING BLOG, which I manage. This is a bike-friendly blog, with many members who would be out there on the trail on day 1.


Gordon Inkeles