Sunday, October 5, 2008

WHERE did I take that photo?

A new Nikon compact camera adds a feature that no other brand has offered cyclists: GPS geotracking capabilities: the camera actually tells you where each photo was taken.

We've all asked outselves: where WAS that gorgeous waterfall? That smiling baby? That crowded beach? The Nikon P6000 settles those questions once and for all, by putting your photos on a google map. No other pocket camera can do that. And it zooms from 28 to 112mm (35 mm equivalent), so it's capable of true wide angle scenic and group shots.

A note on camera reviews: Buying a digital camera is like buying an A/V receiver: most brands are so close in quality that the differences are largely apparent only to test equipment. In other words, no matter which camera you use, your photos will generally look about the same. Photography review sites have a lot invested in NOT accepting this notion so they specialize in an orgy of "pixel peeping" (blowing up photos to gigantic proportions in the hopes of finding flaws.) "Reviews" are largely confined to technical hair-splitting that has little to do with real life photographic issues.

I haven't used a P6000 but I'd certainly like to try one on a tour. I've been experimenting with cycling camera gear. I'm looking for a compact with good ergonomics, an optical viewfinder option for sunny days, a wide angle lens (a zoom that begins at 28mm or wider, not the "industry standard" 35mm) and perhaps a GPS...