Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Canadian politician charged in road rage death of cyclist


OTTAWA — As the high-profile attorney general for Ontario, Michael Bryant had championed severe and controversial traffic safety laws.On Tuesday, he was charged with criminal negligence causing death and with dangerous driving causing death in an unusually violent episode of road rage involving a bicyclist.

I don't know where this road rage was coming from but Bryant obviously felt so justified that he yelled at the poor cyclist who was clinging to life on the side of his car. I'm thinking it starts with self-righeous rage. I do wish I wasn't hearing so much self-righteous rage from cyclists directed at motorists. And since so many of us are wearing both hats--cycling and driving--the rage is self-directed and hypocritical.

We need to back this thing down. I'm done ranting at cars. We need change, but we need to get there rationally. This was a tragic, stupid, unnecessary death. Those of us who aren't cycling in Amsterdam or Copenhagen are out there in serious traffic every day. We simply can't afford any more road rage casualties.