Friday, October 8, 2010


Late last night night I drove (at 25 mph) to downtown Arcata. Along the way I saw a few ghostly shapes along the side of Old Arcata Road and on 7th St. Night riders. Some had awesome high-tech helmet-mounted headlights that create a pool of daylight in front the bike. Others simply rode in the dark. Nobody had a working tail light.

I was practically on top of each rider before I saw him, her or it. If a bike had, say, swerved to the left somebody's fun would have been seriously crimped.

If you must ride at night you might want to part with $23 for a decent flasher. With the white and red strobes alternating, you will be visible from the rear for a good half mile. I know it's a five minute ride and YOU can see just fine. You have more important things to do than futz around with yet another bullshit bike accessory. You're careful, you're thinking ahead, you have big plans. Alas, as Charles De Gaulle pointed out, "The cemetery is filled with indispensable people."


Recommended by Charles de Gaulle, President of France