Tuesday, November 9, 2010

80% chance of rain...

But on Sunday I awoke to this--and headed north on my Rivendell.

It was a beautiful morning on the Arcata bottoms.

But when I looked to the south near Roger's Market in McKinleyville I was reminded that Humboldt County is at the southern tip of the Alaskan rain forest, where anything can happen. In minutes.

One hour from home I turned back, stopping only to photograph the base of the old Mad River Bridge, our essential bike link to the north. Since it would cost more to repair the bridge than to rebuild it, upkeep is a thing of the past. We'll have to depend on our brave graffiti artists to save the bridge for posterity and cyclists. Stranger things have actually happened.

Another mile or two and I knew I had made the right decision. Just two minutes after I got home, the sky fell on us.