Monday, July 18, 2011

Go Bruce!

The Plan:

The Details:


My response on Life is a Wheel, Bruce Weber's NYT cycling blog:


Go Bruce!


I'll be with you (in spirit) you on The Social Biking Blog

I'd vote for more teeth on those rear gears and a set of Albatross handlebars, which are good beyond hope. Straight bars will destroy your wrists. Your hands want to be thumbs up—think of a handshake. And with upright bars you will want a wider saddle.

Did you want a sex life after this trip? If so, you could treat yourself to a Brooks B67, the Cadillac Limo of bike saddles. Mine had no break in period and I've had no saddle problems from the day I installed it.

If you get blown off course, you're welcome at my place in Arcata, CA, just over the Oregon border. It's only about 600 extra miles.