Sunday, July 27, 2014

"The bikes, they completely explode"

For years Rivendell and a few other steel bike manufacturers have been sounding
a lonely alarm on the potential dangers of making critical bike parts out of carbon fiber. Generally, they were dismissed as hopeless reactionaries. Sure maybe a few very early carbon fiber bike frames failed now and then and an occasional fork collapsed without warning, but that was decades back in the "developmental" period. Not only were today's Carbon fiber frame sand forks completely safe, they were "stronger than steel" and weighed a fraction as much! Carbon fiber bikes finished ahead of steel every time.

The Lance wannabes rushed forward, credit cards in hand. Carbon Fiber spread from forks, to frames to wheels. It became difficult to find a serious bike that wasn't built from carbon fiber.

Turns out Rivendell was right all along. And it doesn't take a crash like the one below to provide evidence. " Mark Greve, a sports medicine physician who studied 3,500 accidents found that virtually every part of a carbon fiber bike is dangerously unstable.

 “Anyone in a team who’s being honest with you will tell you how frequently their bikes are breaking; everybody knows."