Saturday, December 15, 2007

Is Critical Mass Co-opting our bike trail?

The following anon email was forwarded to me by a biking friend. Apparently, the owner of Bracutt Lumber feels he has a legitimate title to the proposed trail and would at least like to be asked before brush on his portion is cleared. This email urges us to walk all over Bracutt's land, while the authors (who may or may not be from NCJ) sip Margarita's somewhere else!

Nevertheless, the basic cause--a bike trail from Arcata to Eureka-- is worth supporting and I for one, will head up to the Marsh with clippers in hand, at 10. However, I'm not going to blithely cut a swath across private property. We'll see what happens and I'll have more here soon...


Herewith, the anon email:

"OK all you leftovers from the '60s (or wannabees):

Apparently there is a track/trail cleanup happening Dec. 15 at a trailhead
near you. The email below is being circulated from an anonymous source:

"I just got a phone call to spread the word for a Critical Mass Trail
Gathering on Sat. Dec 15th. The idea is to have people clear the
brush from the tracks all the way from Eureka to Arcata. So, I was
told it starts at 10 and people will meet at Target lot, Bracutt, and
Arcata Marsh Inter. Lot on South G. Idea is for everyone to bring clippers
and weed whackers. Apparently NC Journal will announce it as well as KHUM.
A ground swell of energy to open the trail."

Sorry Bob and I can't be here to help. We'll toast you all with a
margarita from Janice's in Sayulita!

PS: Pass the word to any email list you may have!


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