Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lightfoot Cycles

Rob, down the street, rides a Lightfoot and never stops smiling. He used to be overweight. Then he got a recumbent and dropped over 100 pounds riding it every day. Now he looks like a million bucks! When I tried his bike briefly, it felt like riding a couch--and I was ready to ride it all the way to Chicago.

Lightfoot seems to be the dark horse of the recumbent world: I'm hard pressed to find a review of their standard bike; here's one of their "mountain bike" models.

With a steel frame, a suspension and disk brakes, this long wheelbase cruiser should probably be a contender if recumbent touring is in your future.

A new model, with BionX electric assist, is shown below. Ignore the "pure biking" snobbery that looks down on electric assist. If you need/want an electric bike, get one! I've tried a BionX assisted bike and it's great fun.