Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aliens, crop circles and other dimensions by bike

Apologies for the chaotic formatting. I'll have to wait a week for the fix, but in the meantime I'll trust you to match the text with the appropriate photo. The photos will expand when clicked.

"The ditch and stone circles of Avebury were constructed between 2600 and 2400 BC, which is around the same time as the first phase of Stonehenge. Experts think it would have taken as much as 1.5 million man-hours to construct the bank and ditch and place the sarsen stones."

For starters, let's rule out a sheep pen. Nobody spends 1.5 million hours building a sheep pen. Archaeologists dug diligently and found—dirt. No bones, no treasure, not much of anything. Therefore, Avebury Circle was built by Aliens.

Avebury is the heart of crop circle country. And despite the fact that various pranksters have confessed, detailing exactly how they made these gorgeous creations, the faithful gather daily in the circle to reach across to another dimension or at the very least make contact with a few Aliens. Indeed, a meditating group was ommming loudly, palms raised, eyes shut (photo) as I walked by. And it worked!

On the hillside across the street were the remains of the latest crop circle, created the night before (see photo--behind the sheep). Alas, the farmer who owned the land mowed it to the ground at daybreak. When will the damn Aliens learn to respect private property?

An Avebury tour guide observed dryly that: "During the mad cow scare we had no new crop circles. People were avoiding cows." Nevertheless, crop circles and Aliens have been a gold mine for the merchants in nearby towns. My B&B proprietor in nearby Devizies insisted that "We have the best Aliens and we're going to keep it that way."

Avebury also has a traditional Church which is combined with a gift shop to the rear, a first for me. I wondered what happens to shoplifters?

A mile away across grassy fields is Silbury Hill. Whoever put it there 5,000 years ago did it without a shovel. That's a man at the bottom right. Any idea why somebody would have wanted to build a 135 foot earthen pyramid in the middle of a grassy field--by hand?


  1. We have several of these "earthen pyramids" in Uppsala! Yes, one wonders...!

    In my blogg you find a photo from the top of one under "Lite slarvigt i 107 år". They found lots of gold in that one 1902. But "mislaid" some other things that they discovered just a few weeks ago in a little box somewhere... :-)

  2. The field of grass looks so much like the ones around Avebury. It must take a lot of work to plant such a beautiful crop. I can understand why the farmers are annoyed at the crop circle "artists."


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