Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kids bike program wiped out

Over the weekend some humanoid(s) stole all 8 of the bikes shown in this video. The Alice Birney students had worked to restore these used bikes all semester and completed a bike safety course. They were set to ride in Eureka's Rhodedndron Parade, the Tour of the Unknown Coast, and Bike to School Day. Their reward for finishing the bike education course: they would get to keep the bikes. Now they have nothing.

If you have a geared 20" or 24" used bike sitting around please consider donating it to The Alice Birney students. Their bike education teacher, Melanie Williams, would be your contact:

The bikes haven't turned up and may never be recovered. I'm not going to let it end there. These kids worked hard for their bikes and they deserve to ride them to school. Happily, other people feel the way I do and the Humboldt community has pitched in to help out. The kids have already received a few used bikes, a great lesson in the power of community organizing.

 I sent a check. If you'd like to join me in putting these kids back in the saddle it's:

℅ Adventure's Edge
125 5th St.
Eureka, CA. 95501

These kids deserve bikes. As for the thief (thieves?), he, she or it has earned a place in the Social Biking Blog Hall of Shame and a chance at some felony jail time. 

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  1. This is terrible news, every child deserves a chance to experience the joys of riding a bike. Luckily, your community is quick to respond. Thank you for being a concerned citizen and for posting this.


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