Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tour of the Unknown Coast, 2008

That's my buddy Rich Lesnick, the Rivendell wheel builder, demonstrating his climbing technique on a classic "upright handlebar" Rivendell, like the one I rode. We did a leisurely 50 mile ride, with several stops for simply enjoying the countryside. Having left the starting point a half hour after the group launch, we had nobody to keep up with...It would be difficult to imagine a more perfect day for cycling. That's the Eel river in the bottom photo, which was taken a few miles south of Ferndale.

(photo by Rich Lesnick)

The infamous TUC food brought us back to earth--with a vengeance. Every year I tell myself it can't possibly get much worse but this year they eliminated coffee from the coffee stops, substituting plain water and packets of powdered "flavoring." Overflowing plastic garbage cans and trash boxes supplied graphic evidence of the French claim that "Americans will eat anything."

So bring your own snacks, folks, but do come. I can't think of a more beautiful bike ride. And you'll like the cyclists too.

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