Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eureka Rhododendron Parade, bike division

Since the northcoast of Calfornia is a Rhododendron center, the city of Eureka sponsors a Rhododendron parade once a year. I won't tell you that the streets are lined with Rhoddy lovers; part of Eureka's charm lies in its utter inability to line five miles of streets for any reason. However, some spots along the route were pretty crowded. I joined a contingent of intrepid cyclists comprising event #27 in the parade. We pushed off a little after 10 am.

Mark Mueller, founder of Windrwrap Fairings, led our group while towing rick Fugate, uninhibited accordion player/singer.

Adorned with American flags and rhododendrons, we rode for about five miles through downtown Eureka. Just ahead of us, a jazz marching band set the beat, just behind a half dozen blaring fire engines kept us on our toes. People cheered from the curbs, several actually saluted.

For a full screen playback click the four squares on the bottom right margin of the video.

Talia helped us decorate the bikes.

Checklist for ride: Trikes, accordion, park bench...

Mark Mueller towing Rick Fugate while he sings "I Want to Ride My Bicycle" at a volume suitable for parade acoustics.

Despite the fact that our group voted unanimously against rehearsing, we were almost able to execute complex, synchronized biking routines!

We attracted some swooning fans.

Every few hundred yards the parade stopped dead in its tracks. But the accordion music went on. It's the American way. 

If George Washington had had a trike after he crossed the Delaware it would have looked like this. 

Iris' family owned a 56 Chevy when they lived in Mexico in the 50's.



  1. Mark's young daughter Talia rode right behind her daddy, who towed the great, intrepid and loud accordion player. Talia did not miss a turn and smiled the whole time. She also helped decorated that bikes.

  2. It's very cool to meet a seven year old girl who is so comfortable on a bike.


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