Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nigel Webb Needs to Cool Off


This just in from Nigel Webb, whose blog FLEX ON A BIKE! chronicles his ride across North America. He's from England and may not actually know anyone on this continent.

If you know of somewhere cool or have been somewhere along the way let me know. And if you haven't chat to your friends, family, pets, strangers in pubs and, as a last resort, your work colleagues and see if they know anything. Just think, your suggestion could find it's way onto my route. How exciting is that?

Today - Lewiston, Idaho
Tomorrow - Winchester, Idaho
May 17 - Lowell, Idaho
May 18 - Lolo Pass, Montana
May 19 - Missoula, Montana
May 21 - Garrison, Montan
May 22 -Bozeman, Montana
May 23 - Yellowstone, Wyoming (Yellowstone Park)
June 1 - Rapid City, South Dakota (Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse)
June 6 - Pipestone, Minnesota (Pipestone)

That'll do for now. Get busy and research stuff that might be along the way. I'm depending on you.