Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eureka-Arcata Bike Path, Chapt. 894a


“I think this is an important step to try and put a process in place,” said Northwestern Pacific Company Operator John Williams.

Williams noted four issues in designing guidelines, including safety, liability, capacity requirements and the legality of whether the board could authorize placement of trails, and cited the importance of proposed guidelines adhering to California Public Utilities Commission standards.

But some residents said the guidelines are too restrictive, and called for more public review.

Board members also said the draft needed to be reviewed, and said copies should be sent to different agencies, including bicycle and trail groups.

Ultimately, the board voted to extend review of the document for several months to allow for public input, after which it will consider adopting finalized guidelines."

Wow! Only several months away from the point at which we may "consider adopting finalized guidelines." Who needs a bike path when we can have FINALIZED GUIDELINES!

Folks, this has gone on for fifteen years!

I voted for Mark Lovelace because of his clear, unambiguous support for our bike path. Since he won I've been meaning to offer my help in making this happen. I'm going to contact Lovelace and will post the results here.