Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dutch Bikes: heavy, slow, expensive. For girls only?


Leave it to New Yorkers to make a simple solution as needlessly complex and expensive as possible. I'm trying to wrap my mind around the concept of this sartorial gentleman actually appearing on a bike on a Manhattan street on a typical July day (99 degrees, 99% humidity) or a typical December day (29 degrees, 50 mph wind gusts, sleet) in rush hour traffic. How many minutes (seconds?) do you think it would take for this outfit to become a rumpled, stained, sweat-soaked disaster?

Finally the NYT has discovered cycling. God help the guy who wants to beat around town on a scratched up old mountain bike. Yes, millions of Dutch people ride Dutch bikes, but 99% of the bikes you see on the street in Holland, LIVE on the street 24/7 where they are chained to something immovable. They become grimy, rusty work bikes, not gleaming showpieces.