Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Please can we now have our bike trail from Arcata to Eureka?

Wilson (liberal) and Marks (conservative) have been elected to the Humboldt Bay Harbor commission. I'm hoping that doesn't checkmate our hopes for an Arcata to Eureka bike trail, along an unused section of railroad track. Wilson promises to turn the abandoned railroad into a bike path. Marks wants yet another round of "rust belt" industrial development, which has already turned our beautiful bay into a polluted mess several times in the last century. All this for "jobs."

If this were Holland or Denmark, we'd have six bike paths connecting these sister cities. As it stands, bike commuters must either ride far to the west of the bay--in traffic all the way on Rte 255 (map on right)--or take the direct route by braving the shoulder of US RTE 101, a four lane Freeway. Meanwhile, Arcata Bay remains the most beautiful urban coastal waterway in California. What will it take to be able to ride a bike along it without risking life and limb?