Monday, May 3, 2010

Roger, the bike guru

Ten years ago I was riding ten miles to the Arcata Airport with Doug Ingold. Then it was on to the Sports Bar for a high calorie lunch while the fatties around the wide screen TV marveled at our endurance. "Ten MILES on a bicycle??" We felt like heros. Really well fed heros.

Roger said:
You guys are lazy; you can do a LOT more. Add ten percent a week to your ride.

So we started going further. Now we ride round trip to Trinidad, a total of 40 miles, every Sunday. And our group of 2, now known as "The Latte Warriors," has grown to 35!

We still stop for snacks at a sweet little cafe in Trinidad called The Beachcomber. Occasionally, Roger shows up but he seldom stops for long and he never snacks.

We could still do more...


Roger himself. Background: Trinidad lighthouse and point, a good place to watch whales. Note the uncluttered bike, which is very Roger.


Our ride home follows the aptly named Scenic Drive, south of Trinidad. We had the wind at our backs last Sunday.