Friday, June 11, 2010

$200 EACH WAY to fly a bike on Delta--and have it smashed. Delta offers $0

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And don't miss the lively comments that follow. For example:
Take them to small claims court. They typically don't show up. You get a default judgment. delta then sends a check when you send the sheriff to confiscate a 777.

I went through a similar scenario with United when I shipped my bike--in a bike case--from Holland a few years ago. When I unpacked the bike at home and found a deep dent in the frame I called United. United actually suggested I was faking the claim because I hadn't made the claim at Kennedy airport in NYC. The moral: next time you land at Kennedy be sure to unpack all your bags in front of an airlines counter. Check each item for damages before repacking. Ignore angry outbursts from passengers, staff and security.

Thank you for flying United.