Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bicycle boating, Arcata Marsh


A bike trailer allows you to haul items that might be a bit too large to carry on the bike itself. And if the bike fits comfortably inside the boat, that opens up some interesting new touring possibilities. Yesterday, however, was a white water day on Arcata Bay.


  1. For the ultimate in bike tows boat, bike fits in boat, you should check out Montague folding bikes. I was down at a marina over the summer, and I saw a few people who had them on board. I wound up getting one myself, and not only do they fit on board a boat, but the ride is amazing

  2. Thanks for this, Will. It's a much cleaner design than most of the folding bikes I've seen. I want to learn more about Montague.

  3. An alternative to bikes that tow boats is boats that carry bikes...

  4. P.R.: I like the concept of "the bike as companion that helps him carry on his dream."

    For a moment I could see myself on the Calle Reconquista "disappearing into the night."

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