Monday, April 16, 2012

Last Roundup for the Cattrike Musashi

When Cattrike decided to discontinue its sole two wheeler, Sandy Earl snapped one up. Then she got creative. As Sandy put it, "nothing fanatical is worth doing unless you're really fanatical." So here we have what could be the world's only pink Musashi--right down to the water bottle, grips, trim, rims, cranks and chain links.

Unlike many short wheeled recumbents, which leave the rider to balance precariously on top of a high bar, the Musashi frame bends in the center to accommodate the hips, a human centered design that lowers the center of gravity. It's a fast, comfortable ergonomic bike and Sandy couldn't stop smiling. More on this remarkable woman soon.


  1. oh that is super! i'd like to say most of the recumbents around town are 95% of the time men. loving the pink, looking fwd to read more about her in the future

  2. Welcome back Meli! You can read more about the amazing Sandy Earl if you click on SUPER SANDY in our LINKS WE LIKE (right column). Among many other feats she rode from Eugene, Oregon to Arcata, Ca. NONSTOP, taking a coffee break at a diner in the middle of the night. When I see her on a ride my first question is "which state did you start in, Sandy?"


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