Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Ride to Trinidad

We had a break in the rain on Saturday with more rain due on Sunday. My cycling group headed north to Trinidad.

Break time with The Latte Warriors. We have 45 members and no rules.

Trinidad harbor was smooth as glass but I've seen 30 foot swells here. The lighthouse has a plaque commemorating the many fishermen who lost their lives sailing out of this port. You can walk around Trinidad Head (background) in about an hour. Watch for seals below the trail and an occasional whale.

If California has a more picturesque seaside town than Trinidad, I haven't seen it. Note to bike tourists: for God's sake get off the freeway and cycle ALL of Scenic Drive. I don't care where else you've been in North America or any other continent. Scenic Drive tracks  a ledge several hundred feet directly above rock strewn Pacific beaches. To put it mildly, the views expand from that perspective, especially if you're on a bike. You will make stops where you can almost see the curvature of the earth.

Spring was happening in the Arcata bottoms but I could feel the storm gathering over the Pacific.