Thursday, May 24, 2012

Arcata Bike to Work Day

A Plaza gives a town focus and brings people together. On "Bike to Work Day" a bunch of intrepid commuters showed up at the Arcata Plaza for a ride around town.

IMG 2193

Suddenly a leader emerged and we were off!

IMG 2199
IMG 2203
IMG 2206

We rode out to the Arcata Bottoms and then back to the Plaza. Proving? That Arcata richly deserves its newly won "Silver" status as a bike-friendly community.

IMG 2202

Back in town Brio French Bakery was serving hot coffee and delicious goodies.

IMG 2214

We parked out bikes outside.

IMG 2216
IMG 2225
IMG 2221

Outside on the plaza we met two future cyclists. Their father is from Arcata, their mother is from Mongolia.

IMG 2223

Further down the Plaza we met this Arcata cyclist. Need a poem? Just ask.

IMG 2227

If you do plan a Plaza try to fit in some palm trees and a statue of president McKinley.

IMG 2232