Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bow Washington and south Day 1

High noon, near Bow. Sky with blue mountains.

Puget Sound.

My riding buddy, Steve Fox on his beloved Easy Racer.

During breakfast in Bow Steve called Pat and Don, old riding friends. A half hour later they joined us for our first twenty miles. Everyone in our little group was over 70--and looking good! You don't see fatties on bikes. Health tip: if you want to lose weight, skip the diets--they don't work anyway. Eat whatever the hell you want and get yourself a bike!

Deception Pass. The "rapids" are caused by the Pacific Ocean rushing into Puget Sound. We stopped at a roadside view spot several hundred feet above the water. Even there you could feel it. The sense of immense power here is tangible.

It's been a long and beautiful day. Rest time. more soon.