Monday, July 16, 2012

Puget Sound Tour, Redux

Tumwater Falls, detail

A one foot waterfall, 
it too makes music 
and at night is cool.

Riding all day and blogging in the evening didn't work on this tour. Washington was going through a rare heat wave and everything took longer than expected. I can't tell you exactly what 85f in the shade works out to in direct sun, but when you're climbing a two mile hill you get a pretty good idea.

Bike touring took over my life in Washington. I had little room for blogging, let alone music or books. Steve and I rode 220 miles, a rough crescent south through the Puget Sound Islands and on to Elma Washington. There we turned east and finally north to Tumwater at the south end of the sound.

Puget Sound is a gorgeous water world surrounded by saw-toothed mountains. I don't know of any place on earth that's remotely like it. The bike facilities are quite good. We didn't run into any rain but you certainly can't plan on that happening again. People who live near the town of Shelton, Wa, for example, must batten down to ten FEET of rain a year.

I was born here and I plan to return for more cycling.


  1. That's a great Issa haiku. It summarizes the tour experience, in three simple lines.


  2. Sounds like a great trip so far.I do hope you get some cooling without rain.

  3. David, What we got were 10,000 STP cyclists filling every spare room in all the towns south of us. We were checkmated in Elma, Wa. (home of the Yak burger). We turned north to Tumwater and met my south bound truck. It was an intense, often beautiful and unexpectedly HOT six days. We shall return...


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