Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Good Day for a Ride

IMG 3332

There are days when the sun is out everywhere on earth except fog bound Eureka, Ca. And then there are days like this that make you wonder why you would want to live anywhere else.

Oyster Beds, Arcata Bay--as seen from the Samoa Bridge

IMG 3321

Three bridges connect Eureka with the Samoa peninsula. Happily, they have bike lanes in both directions. Steve Fox stopped to grok the Bay.

IMG 3325

We couldn't resist to brief detour to Woodley Island, an easy exit from the bridge. The fisherman statue honors those who were lost at sea. Unfortunately, this fisherman looks like he has returned from the watery deep. I expected to honor the dead, not meet them in person. I thought about it: "you don't get zombies on a sunny day like this.

IMG 3329

Eureka's previous mayor lives here. Minutes from the city waterfront, it's reachable only by boat.

IMG 3335

The ride back to Arcata on the Samoa peninsula gave us a panoramic view of Arcata Bay and the mountains to the east.

IMG 3345

We stopped for an excellent lunch at The Bayside Beachcomber on Old Arcata Road, which is becoming a cycling destination just like its sister cafe in Trinidad.