Monday, August 18, 2014

Mark Goes Electric

McKinleyville Mark lives just a half a block from The Hammond Trail, Humboldt County's premiere bike destination. Work is 20 miles away on a construction site in Arcata and as Mark puts it, "I just don't have the calories to build all day and bike."

Since he's a resourceful guy he looked around on Ebay and found the components to convert his Cannondale Bad Boy to an electric bike. Mark selected a lithium battery, which weighs much less than lead and last a lot longer. He saved hundreds over a factory built E-bike conversion. In fact the whole conversion cost Mark about $1,000. According to Consumer Reports, a median priced new car COSTS MORE THAN $9,000 A YEAR TO OWN

What could you do with $9,000 a year? 

Charging an E-Bike costs pennies and can be done at normal AC outlets. If Mark visits you, he'll probably recharge.

The bike did get heavier--and since Mark cruises at 20mph on rough roads-- he modified  the seat to smooth out the ride.

Brooks seat plus serious suspension system. 

The electric motor spins the rear wheel, when needed. Pedaling while it's on extends your range.

The lithium battery. Not beautiful but it works! 

This handlebar mounted control is all you need. Push the up arrow to go faster, down to slow down. 

Mark in motion. His E-bike is easy to ride and exhilarating. In Europe, where gas costs $10 a gallon, E-bikes are everywhere