Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The (only) Stein Electric

Beau Seymour had a thought: why not combine a high end German trike with a truly serious electric propulsion system capable of going 50 (!) or more miles between charges? You can't buy anything remotely like the trike he built, but I'm here to tell you it's a firecracker.

It practically flies up hills. I know this because sixty seconds after meeting me Beau handed over the trike for a test ride. He built this creature himself and he's proud of his work.

"I didn't intend to make this electric, says Beau, but I was living in a little town with lots of hills." You haven't seen a bike with chain paths like this because Beau has the only one.

Two minutes after my test ride, Mary Wheatley, a stalwart Latte Warrior, was off on one of her own. Like me, she found it difficult to end the test ride.

Beau isn't a professional bike dealer or manufacturer; just a very handy guy. But when he entered a bike show contest--his homemade creation won "BEST OF SHOW." That gave him the chance to introduce Eco-Speed, the motor manufacturer, to Steiner, the trike manufacturer. Sparks flew, he says, so we may see more "super trikes" soon.

I'll have more on this amazing trike.