Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Arcata Bay Trail, Preview

The new trail is still officially under construction but this Sunday morning there it was, gleaming in the early morning light unwalked and unridden. What is there about new asphalt that speaks to every walker and cyclist in town? Dozens of cyclists streamed past the "Do Not Enter" signs followed by walkers, runners, dog watchers and mothers with strollers. Onward to the bay!

My longtime Sunday cycling group "The Latte Warriors" have had only a three or four reliable rides to choose from on our narrow coast. Today we added a new one.

"It's beautiful" said Steve Fox, "but of course it would be." 

Just ahead: install bridges over the various bay estuaries. The first one is already done.  

Official opening day for the new trail is October 29. I'll be there on my recumbent! 

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