Monday, December 24, 2007

VOGUE discovers the bicycle

I can't link to Vogue directly, but the 2007 "Holiday" issue has an article entitled "View bike fashion." An excerpt:

"I wore Preen to the Calvin Klein party on my bike. I'll wear ball gowns and heels. And if I remember, I wear a helmet...It's easy to wear a skirt on a bike. And guys love it"

Recommended clothes and accessories for biking, include a wicker picnic basket, a flowery dress, chanel lambskin gloves ($725), "skinny jeans," and a large reddish "Goyard" handbag ($2,990) While all this may not be available at your local bike shop, kindly hold the derisive jeers. Any one of these combinations would be a vast improvement on the current cycling fashion which features droves of middle aged men in day-glo spandex.