Monday, October 13, 2008

A ride around Eureka Bay

Yesterday the bay was too tempting to ignore. So...mounting my trusty Rivendell, I headed into a brisk wind for the Tsunami Zone.


Tsunami sign.jpg

What, exactly, is one supposed to do about signs like TSUNAMI HAZARD ZONE and the perennial Freeway favorite: FALLING ROCKS? If you lived in the house shown here, you'd say to guests: "turn left after the Tsunami Hazard sign.

Eureka Bay spread out on my left--on my right, behind a wall of dunes, the Pacific Ocean. Both these photos are of the Bay. Why are natural disaster areas like volcanos and Tsunami zones always so beautiful?
Eureka Bay.jpg

Bay wide.jpg

The dual cycling lanes along Old Arcata Road won't be complted until next Spring, after the rains. Here's where it stands now.
Old Arcata.jpg

The dreaded Indianola intersection, will have it's own bicycle bypass lane.

Closer to Bayside, the road is wider and brighter, however, a few gravel stretches make it tough going on a bike. Apparently, the plan is to widen the whole road at that end, to make room for the bicycle lanes.