Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Rick Gilbert Pacific Coast Tour

If Covid 19 has you down, how about a solo bike ride down the west coast of North America? When Rick turned 65 he decided to take on the American Pacific Coast with his electric bike. I ran into him near The Hammond Trail and we rode south to Arcata. We met again the next day for breakfast at Brio on the Arcata Plaza. That could be your story if you had Rick's electric-assisted bike and some time on your hands. 

Fabric chain = no oily stains

On first glance, you don't realize this is an e-bike. No telltale battery bulges, no exposed wires. To further simplify, this bike replaces the oily chain with a fabric belt. Rick rode south planning to put the bike to the test on steep, windy Route 1 which runs along the ocean cliffs from Humboldt County to San Francisco and south. Proving? That life without Covid goes on and so does fun. 

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